Our Echte Boter &
Echte cheese spread recipes

Echte Boter makes for really tasty dishes! We have selected some of our favourite recipes for you, for both everyday cooking and for special occasions.

Whipped Echte Boter

with garlic, honey or brown butter

Whipped Echte Boter

You really have to try this recipe: Echte Boter, but whipped! In 3 variations: garlic, honey or as brown butter. Delicious on a warm, freshly baked sandwich or for a snack board!

Healty comfort food

Roasted tomato soup with toast

If you’re looking for healthy comfort food, look no further! This delicious roasted tomato soup is perfect for a healthy lunch or a light evening meal.
Roasted tomato soup with toast
Echte Smeerkaas plaattaart

Let's eat!

Savoury tart with Echte cheese spread, salmon and courgette

Really easy savoury tart with Echte cheese spread, salmon and courgette. Delicious as a light lunch, with drinks, or as a side dish with soup

Super tasty!

Really easy Nachos

These oven-baked nachos with creamy cheese sauce are super tasty and really easy. Make them extra spicy with our cheese spread with sambal and jalapeños.
Echt makkelijke nacho's
Echte Smeerkaas cracker

a good combination

Echte cheese spread with smoked mackerel fillet

Quick and easy really delicious weekend recipe!

So good!

Pasta bake with chicken, vegetables and Echte Cheese Spread béchamel sauce

Nothing beats a pasta bake filled generously with chicken, vegetables and a delicious cheese sauce. Worried about lumps, or that the sauce will separate? With this fool-proof recipe, the Echte Cheese Spread melts wonderfully into the sauce.
Oven pasta with chicken, vegetables and a Real spread cheese béchamel sauce
Cheese fondue with Echte cheese spread

Say cheese!

Cheese fondue with Echte cheese spread

When you think of cheese fondue you may think of Swiss cheese, but you can also make a Dutch version, replacing some of the cheese with Echte Cheese Spread. Tasty, easy, locally sourced, and lower in calories!

sambal for some extra spice!

Loaded nachos with Echte Cheese Spread cheese sauce

Loaded nachos aren't complete without a ‘queso’, or warm cheese dip. With Echte Cheese Spread you can make this dip in no time! Choose the original variety, or sambal for some extra spice.
RealSmear cheese_loadednachos
hotdogs_real cheese

delicious hot dogs!

Chili cheese dogs

Make these delicious hot dogs. No worries, because despite looking fantastic, the recipe is very simple.... and delicious!

For Sunday morning

Really spicy speculaas buns

The creamy Echte Boter creates a delicious Sunday morning breakfast, making our really spicy speculaas buns a really special seasonal treat!
Speculaas broodjes

Easy, but really delicious!

Apple crumble bars

Our recipe for apple crumble bars with oatmeal, cinnamon & cloves is perfect for this time of year. Tip: Ideal for when you're on the road!

Really nice and fresh!

Lemon tart

Sunny days call for a really summery recipe! How about a Lemon Tart, with a shortbread base and a fresh lemon filling? Complete the perfect look of summer by serving it on a beautifully set table outside in the garden!
RealButter_lemon pie

tasty with cream & jam

Real Scones

These scones are delicious with a cup of tea, and perfect spread with a spoonful of jam and clotted cream!

With a really nutty taste

Brown butter Brownies

Butter and chocolate is always a winning combination, but these Echte Boter brownies are really very delicious. The brown butter ‘beurre noisette’ gives them a really nutty taste! You just have to try them!

A real showstopper!

Chocolate pavlova with pears poached in caramel sauce

The one and only festive desert! A delicious combination which makes a fantastic centrepiece for your festive dining table.

A really delicious ‘banketletter’ - but then savoury!

Savoury Sint banketletter

We all love Sinterklaas! To celebrate, try our recipe for this tasty savoury version of the traditional letter-shaped pastry roll. Great for sharing!
RealButter_apple pie

with extra apricots

Real Dutch apple pie

A really delicious apple pie is always a good idea, either with a cup of coffee, or served with whipped cream for a birthday celebration.

A little bit different

Echte Boter herb butter

Use our versatile butter to make the tastiest herb butters to accompany drinks or a barbeque in the garden. We have come up with three - slightly different - types of herb butter for you, because with our Echte Boter you will keep on spreading!

With fresh Dutch strawberries

Really festive birthday cake!

In need of inspiration for a celebratory birthday cake? This delicious layered sponge cake made with Dutch strawberries and cream is perfect!

With Echte Boter buttercream icing

Butter muffins

Make your party complete with our Echte Boter muffins. A delicious recipe with a topping of creamy buttercream. Add cheerful, coloured hundreds and thousands… guaranteed to be a hit with children!

Just as it should be

Real French Toast

What about delicious French Toast? A guaranteed success!

Easy & delicious

Spring mashed stamppotje

Get mashing! Potatoes, spring onions, peas and a knob of Echte Boter = a really delicious spring stamppotje! Easy, tasty, and quick to make!

A golden combination

Asparagus a la flamande

It’s asparagus season again! Fresh asparagus, traditionally prepared ham, hard-boiled egg and a generous helping of melted Echte Boter... a golden combination!

With a caramel and pecan nut twist

Dutch Butter Cake

Use our Echte Boter to make a really delicious ‘boterkoek’. A classic Dutch recipe with an added twist of caramel and pecan nuts will impress your guests!

With sweet potato and Echte Boter

Summer mash

The Dutch love stamppot, a traditional mix of vegetables and mashed potatoes. For those who can’t get enough of this hearty winter dish, we love this summer variety with sweet potato and real butter, for a delicious creamy summer stamppot!

And our Echte Boter is always delicious with poffertjes, Dutch mini pancakes!