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Echte Boter

Our Echte Boter is a natural Dutch product. It is made from churned dairy cream which is then kneaded into butter and acidified with lactic acid bacteria to obtain the well-known, pure butter taste.

Echte Boter is made from milk and contains the allergen cows’ milk protein. Milk contains lactose and can contribute to lactose intolerance.

Keep our Echte Boter in the fridge, but for spreading the butter can be best left out of the refrigerator for a while.
Echte Boter is delicious on bread, and perfect for making a cake or when frying steak.
Echte Boter is available in the refrigerated section of most Dutch supermarkets. You can also find us internationally in the catering service, on the plane or at the breakfast buffet.
Echte Boter has something for everyone! Look for our range on our products page.
We are very proud that Echte Boter is used worldwide. You may have come across our famous cup on holiday, during a cruise or on a plane journey.

Yes, Echte Boter is halal certified.

Real butter also comes in a 5 kg box. This bulk packaging is available at most (catering) wholesalers.

Echte Cheese Spread

Echte Cheese Spread is mainly made from cheese and butter.

Yes, Echte Cheese Spread does not contain gluten.
Echte Cheese Spread is made from cheese and butter and contains milk protein and lactose.
Yes, because everyone should be able to enjoy Echte Cheese Spread, it is made out of cheese made with vegetarian rennet.
No: so that everyone can enjoy Echte Cheese Spread, no cheese made with animal rennet is used in Echte Cheese Spread.
Echte Cheese Spread is of course delicious spread on bread or a cracker. You can also use it as a dip with nacho chips or as a cheese sauce over vegetables.

Echte Cheese Spread can be stored unopened outside the refrigerator. After opening, Echte Cheese Spread has a limited shelf life and should be kept in the refrigerator.
After opening, Real Spreading Cheese has a limited shelf life and store in the fridge.

Because Echte Cheese Spread is packaged warm, it has a long shelf life. The time from production to the stated expiry date is 9 months.

Echte Cheese Spread is not vegan, because it contains cheese.
Riboflavin (E101), also known as Vitamin B2, is added to Echte Cheese Spread as a coloring agent. Riboflavin occurs naturally in milk.
Emulsifying salt is needed to ensure that Echte Cheese Spread is easily spreadable, and this is declared as an E number on the packaging.

Echte Smeerkaas contains 25% less salt than similar products in shops due to a balanced selection of low-salt cheeses.

Echte Cheese Spread is packaged in a light PP (polypropylene) packaging that is strong, elastic, odorless and taste-free, so that the cheese spread is optimally protected. When burned, this material is harmless and fully recyclable. No toxic substances are released during recycling.
Yes, you can dispose of your Echte Cheese Spread container with plastic waste. Make sure to remove the seal from the plastic tube before you throw it away.